Have you or someone you know been charged with a criminal offence in Mackay?

We represent people every day who have been charged with criminal offences in Mackay and surrounding regions. If you have been charged with an offence in Mackay, you should book an appointment with us for advice as early as possible and speak with a local Mackay Criminal Lawyer.

Our Mackay Criminal Lawyers

Our experienced lawyers provide advice and represent people on criminal charges started by the police or the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. This includes cases in the Magistrates CourtDistrict CourtSupreme Court and the Court of Appeal. We can assist with advice about the charges, your options and the court process.

Is someone you know in the Mackay Watchhouse or held in custody at a prison?

We often get calls from concerned friends, mums and dads or other relatives who find their friends or family members in trouble with the law and behind bars. We can assist people held in the Watchhouse to apply for bail. Our lawyers regularly appear at bail applications for clients.

We can assist people who have been remanded in custody on criminal charges. Our lawyers visit clients in prison to advise on complex cases, serious charges or help prepare their defence case for trail.

What offence have you or someone you know been charged with?

The following is information on some of the criminal offences we have assisted clients with: –

The law changes from time to time and the criminal offence information may not be accurate at the time of your viewing. Time is also critical in many cases, so you should always book an appointment with us for specific information that applies to your situation.

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