Whether it’s city living or a country lifestyle, both scenarios can have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are thinking of buying your first rural property, let’s take a quick look at what just some of the pros and cons may be.

The Good

  • Peace and quiet is one of the obvious advantages if you don’t like the sounds of urban living
  • There are no neighbors close by
  • The night sky is both exhilarating and awe-inspiring
  • There is plenty of open space and a great place for the kids to play
  • No heavy traffic or long and frustrating commutes to work and back
  • Enjoy nature and be at one with the local wildlife
  • Life is not in a hurry and stress levels are reduced
  • The air is clean and fresh and far healthier than city living
  • There is plenty of room for your pets and beloved animals
  • Rural prices are generally a lot more reasonable than buying property in town
  • There is space for cars, boats, motorhomes and so on
  • Live off the land and enjoy the benefits of eating your home-grown produce

The Not So Good

  • There is a lot of upkeep and maintenance on a rural property or farm
  • Fast food outlets and restaurants are not conveniently located
  • You will need to do more traveling for shopping, schools, entertainment and so on
  • It can feel isolated at times being far from the nearest major town
  • It’s not as convenient for friends to drop by
  • You may find yourself working on your property every day and not taking time out to relax
  • You’ll need to  spend money on purchasing and maintaining equipment
  • You’ll spend more on fuel if you need to travel to town regularly
  • The Internet can be slow and mobile phone reception sporadic

The Takeaway

The two lists above are not exhaustive, but there are plenty of advantages to living on a rural property.

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