Driving Law Count Down #09- High Speed Offence

Driving Law Count Down #09- High Speed Offence
28 September 2020

Driving Law Count Down #09- High Speed Offence

by Central QLD Conveyancing Centre

CQCC together with Barron & Allen Lawyers Mackay is passionate about cars and want to keep our car enthusiasts up to date on law. Here is #9 of our Top 10 driving law count down.

#9 – High-Speed Offence

The ticket is currently $1,245 and 8 demerit points if you’re caught speeding more than 40km over the limit. If you are intercepted as a result of a speed detection device, the police should give drivers the opportunity to view the speed displayed on the device. The officer should whenever practicable, provide a speeding suspension fact sheet to a person intercepted for exceeding the speed limit by more than 40km/h.
You can pay the fine or elect to dispute the ticket by going to court. Queensland Transport will suspend your licence for 6 months if you have been convicted of driving more than 40km per hour over the speed limit. You may be eligible to apply for a special hardship order which will allow you to continue driving for work or personal reasons. You have only 21 days from the date of suspension to lodge the special hardship application in court. It goes from bad to worse if you are caught again committing a high-speed offence of 40km/h over the limit within 12 months of the previous offence – you can expect double demerit points, a fine and 6 month’s suspension. It may also result in a driver’s licence sanction. Feel free to  share, and keep an eye out for No. #8