If you are considering buying a rural property in Queensland, these are some of the things to be mindful of before signing on the line.

Sewerage, Water and Electricity Supply

Ideally, you’ll want all three of these necessities to be present and working to their optimum capacity. Not all rural properties are connected to the town water supply or sewerage system, so make note of what’s in place and whether it’s suitable.

Internet and Phone Services

Does the property have landline phone access? Can you get a signal for your mobile phone? And if the internet is a vital part of your life, what are your options for an internet connection?

Property Access

How easy is it to get to and from the property? In the event of rainy weather, are roads going to become inaccessible? Also, make a note of just how remote the property is. Perhaps it too far from the nearest major town?

Pests and Diseases

This will require a bit of research, but check to see if there have ever been any major outbreaks of disease in the locale of your intended property. The same goes for pests and the status of the area’s vegetation.

Covenants & Easements

Are there any covenants or easements in place which govern or restrict how you can use the land you intend on purchasing? These rules are put in place to either maintain a certain quality of living in the area, maintain vegetation or natural environments, or restrict or grant access to/from land, Make it a point to look into these matters and how they impact the property.

Building and Pest Inspection

Arrange for a building and pest inspection of the property if you are keen to buy it, and make sure this is included as a condition of your Contract. You don’t want any nasty surprises after committing to the purchase. A building and pest inspection will put your mind at ease.

Team Up With a Quality Conveyancing Law Firm

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