When it comes to the buying and selling of properties, whether rural or urban, most of us understand the role that real estate agents play in the process. These are the people that match buyers with sellers and help negotiate the deal.

However, the role of the property solicitor is not always as clear or in the limelight. But even if this is the case, that doesn’t make the conveyancing role any less important or significant than that of the agent. Far from it.

The selling or purchasing of a property is one of the biggest financial decisions and events that can happen in a person’s life. Often times great care is taken to choose just the right real estate agent to handle the listing, and the same amount of due diligence should also be applied to the conveyancing firm you choose.

Negotiating the deal and finalising the sale is only the initial phase of the entire process. Once that’s done, then the legalities come into play as the exchange of title and finances is put into motion. It can be a complicated task if buyers and sellers were to undertake it themselves.

This is where an experienced property solicitor and a dedicated conveyancing team really makes life easier.

It’s about knowing the processes and the law. A law firm specialising in conveyancing does this day in and day out and will save you the stress of having to work any of this out yourself. You just want to buy or sell a property, not work out how to do the rather complicated transaction.

In essence, what a solicitor does is transfer property ownership from the seller to the buyer, but there is much more to it than merely changing the name on a document or moving some money around.

You need an expert when it comes to a seamless property settlement. Some law firms do a bit of everything but are specialists in no particular area of law.

If you are looking at buying or selling property, whether residential, rural or commercial, then get in touch with your local area specialists at Central Queensland Conveyancing Centre. We are here to help.